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Corporate Mission
      Leading each family to use the green and low carbon saving new sources.
      YET devoted to develop green energy using sunshine, achieving sustainable development, while repayment society, benefits the humanity.
      Let all staff happy in physically and mentally.
      During its development and growth ,Let the staff achieve the satisfactions in physically,and get achievement in mentally.


Enterprise Values
      Never give up: persistence, facing difficulties, we keep hopes and optimistic, and always advocate the spirit of perseverance
      Outstanding:Pursuit of excellent forever, pursuit high quality good and service, do everything to the best of our heart, let our action is excellent and let the customers feel outstanding.
      Looking ahead: The human not to have the foresight to have the sorrow near at hand , we need eyes on the future to think today problem, face the future we should to repair the house before it rains and be prepared for any situation in the future.
      Unique: Do one thing and others can’t do it, do one thing and others can’t insist it, leading the solar field of providing entire photovoltaic power generation system solution.

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